Big Bang

Club Camping at Big Bang

What better way to experience Big Bang than to spend it camping with your members in your own allocated club camping area? Club camping guarantees your group a designated area so don’t delay… today!

How to book your club camping space?

If your club would like to attend and you have a minimum of 10 cars, please download a Club Booking Form.

The deadline for Big Bang 2019 Club Booking submissions is 5pm on 07/05/19.

(To request a Word version of the Club Booking Form please email

Club Perks!

Our startline VIP suites are also available and clubs are welcome to book for any conferences, meetings or AGM’s they might like to hold as part of the ultimate enthusiasts day out. Catering and refreshments can also be made available. To find out more and discuss your bespoke requirements please call us on 01234 782828 or fill out the contact form.

Full terms & conditions can be found on the booking form and no disputes will be entered into.

Car Club
Car Club
Car Club
Car Club

The Clubs that attended Big Bang 2018 were:

  • Custards VW Club
  • Daystar Camper
  • Dubzpac
  • Dunstable & WGC Dubbers
  • Fugly’s Unusual Car Klub
  • InCider VDub
  • Leyland Daft VeeDubbers
  • Lo ‘E’ Nuf Vee Dub Club
  • Lowdown Transporters
  • No Madz Dubz
  • No Name Dub Club
  • Run the Ring
  • S.C Outlawz
  • Spire Vandits
  • Weedon Weekenders
  • Zombie Dubs

The Clubs that attended Big Bang 2017 were:

  • AirSouls
  • Alldubzklub
  • Back Lane V Dubs
  • Black Country Dub Club
  • Bugnutz
  • Custards VW Club
  • Damage
  • Daystar Campers
  • Der Blitzen Sphincters
  • DubJunkies
  • Dubzpac
  • Fugly’s Unusual Car Klub
  • KUDC
  • Lo ‘e’ Nuf Vee Dub Club
  • Lowdown Transporters
  • Low Down Buggers
  • LowLife Vee Dub Club
  • No Madz
  • No Name Dub Club
  • Old School - Classix
  • Paint Scrapers
  • RSVP
  • Run the Ring (Ringers)
  • Saturday Morning Vee Dub Club
  • SC-Outlawz
  • SCT-Social Club
  • Volksrod Custom
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