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Big Bang

Big Bang Camper & Bus Show - VW Festival
Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April 2017

Big Bang VW festival is the first and friendliest VW show on the calendar. Despite high-octane racing and two music arenas, the festival remains as laid-back and family friendly as ever. All Vee Dubs welcome!

Three days of VW fun with great racing, music and entertainment at the home of European Drag Racing! All Beetles and buses, campers and Caddies, Golfs and Ghias are welcome at the show to enjoy the Run What Ya Brung (RWYB), show & shine, Drag Racing, or simply filling the camp sites with VWs and chilling out. Weekend entry is from 9am Friday.



Big Bang Camper & Bus Show 2016 Report

Read the report from Big Bang Camper & Bus Show 2016, watch the highlights video and view the photo gallery.

Big Bang 2016 Photo Gallery

View photos from Big Bang Camper & Bus Show 2016 on the Facebook Gallery.

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show n shine spacer camping spacer drag racing


Big Bang 2016 Highlights Video


Big Bang 2016 Report

You’d have been forgiven for thinking we were in the middle of Winter at the Big Bang Camper & Bus show this year as it was so cold we saw a sprinkling of snow in the early hours. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to dent anyone’s enthusiasm or put anyone off coming as once again you and your VWs turned out in your thousands making another cracking weekend.

The first trophy of the weekend was awarded to Rio who smashed away the competition and won the air hockey competition.

Handling spacer Handling spacer Air Hockey
Winner Rio

Unknowingly, the handling track was won on the Friday too due to a lack of entries on Saturday. Congratulations to Max Edwards in his nippy little Lupo GTI who set the quickest time of 26.34 seconds.

Handling spacer Handling spacer Handling Track
Winner Max Edwards

The drag strip was open briefly on Friday before rain stopped play and then again throughout Saturday morning for some RWYB action. We saw plenty of PB’s and wheels up entertainment from some interesting vehicles. The results of the RWYB competition were as follows:


RWYB spacer RWYB spacer Class A
Air-Cooled Cars
Neil Ellis
VW Beetle
13.2861 @ 96.73mph

RWYB spacer spacer spacer Class B
Air-Cooled Vans
James Hillyer
VW Camper
18.0240 @ 70.18mph

RWYB spacer RWYB spacer Class C
Water-Cooled Cars
Brian Lilley
Audi S1
13.8419 @ 101.28mph

RWYB spacer RWYB spacer Class D
Water-Cooled Vans
Andi Riley
14.3198 @ 100.96mph

RWYB spacer RWYB spacer Class X
Non Road Legal & Non VAG
Sam Young
VW Beetle
9.3130 @ 144.31mph

Friday night played host to the dance night in the main marquee with a battle of the DJ’s between DJ Swifty B and Niki Dimensions as dance fans partied the night away. Over in the Fuelers bar the Jitterbug Jets had us all rocking and rolling all the way back to our tents and campers in the early hours.

Saturday was Rust & Rat day in the show paddock and we saw all manner of styles on show. Judging is always tough in this competition because it’s quite subjective but we’re sure that you’ll all agree with the eventual choices. All of the vehicles walking away with trophies just worked!

Rust & Rat

rust n rat spacer spacer spacer Best Beetle
Lloyd Jackson
VW Split Bug
One year only crotch cooler, original suit cases from the dealership, need we say more?

rust n rat spacer rust n rat spacer Best Van
Steve Whitehead
T2 Panel
This lacquered bay had its faded sign writing preserved with all of the ratty bits and pieces that ticked all the right boxes.

rust n rat spacer other aircooled spacer Best Other Air-Cooled
Freddie Lynch
VW Variant
This squareback featured patina paint, black fuchs and in general, just worked.

rust n rat spacer rust n rat spacer Best Water-Cooled
Shane Biddlecombe
This crazy van looked like it had been dragged out of a swamp and came complete with gimmicks all around including a hammock attachment, bird box, bike on the roof and loads more!

rust n rat spacer rust n rat spacer Best Interior
Roby and Harry Huath
Panel van split
Contrary to the exterior of this rat, the interior was extremely well presented and completed the whole rust & rat look featuring buffalo hide bench install up front!

rust n rat spacer rust n rat spacer Judges Choice
Dom Clarke
T25 Doke
Dom’s 25 had all the right touches, slammed to the ground, Porsche split rims, custom fuel tank and loads more. The judges were unanimous on their decision with this being the vehicle that they’d like to take home.

Throughout the weekend there was plenty to keep the kids occupied with Circus Whiz, pedal powered scalextric and the monstrous Titan the Robot shows. Cool Flo brought us some stunning buses to accompany their BMX displays throughout the weekend which left a number of jaws on the floor.

The human powered race is always an enormous affair and this weekends was no exception as hundreds of you completed, what feels like a mini marathon over the marathon weekend. The half mile, run, ride, skate, scoot or any other method of human powered transport was won by the following bike riders:

Human Powered spacer Human Powered spacer Under 13’s
Dylan Barnett

Human Powered spacer Human Powered spacer
Aged 11
Over 13’s
Logan Valentine
Aged 14

The table tennis competition was the next trophy to go out and that went to Sean Louth who came out triumphant.

Table Tennis spacer Table Tennis
Winner Sean Louth

Once the RWYB was over and done with, the drag racers hit the strip for the serious racing and there was a plethora of classes that kept us entertained throughout:

Drag Racing

Drag spacer Drag spacer Sportsman ET:
Winner Chris Creswell
Runner-up Jemma Hale

Drag spacer Drag spacer Lucas Oil Junior Dragster:
Winner Ruaridh Hart
Runner-up Billy Ringer

Drag spacer Drag spacer 8.50 Bike:
Winner Ian Chrichlow
Runner-up Jake Mechaell

Drag spacer Drag spacer 9.50 Bike:
Winner Richard Sawatzki
Runner-up Steve Ashby

Drag spacer Drag spacer VW Pro:
Winner Richard Brook
Runner-up Christopher Bayliss

Drag spacer Drag spacer VW Sportsman:
Winner Paul Day
Runner-up Dave Lea

Drag spacer Drag spacer Outlaw Anglia:
Winner Cliff Griffin
Runner-up Phil Middleton

Drag spacer Drag spacer JDS Street:
Winner David Greenhalgh
Runner-up Jeff Ludgate

Drag spacer Drag spacer Front Wheel Drive Series:
Winner Allan Duthie
Runner-up Ben Dalgleish

We’d also like to give a special mention to the 2 demonstration classes that ran over the weekend, Outlaw Flat Four and the Nostalgia Superstock who are just finding their feet, both of which we enjoyed seeing and we’re sure you did too. Commiserations to Dave Nicholls of the OFF in his Fiat 600 who, after a wild wheel stand rolled over onto its side.

The Sunday of the show was Show & Shine day and this is the more traditional show car competition. The paddock was rammed by the time judging came around and there were a few cars that went away empty handed that could have easily picked up a trophy on another day. Thanks to everyone who displayed their cars and well done to the following winners:

Show & Shine

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer Best of Show
Steve Lawrie
VW Vert
This Cabrio was immaculate inside, outside and even in the engine bay – the stuff dreams are made of!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer Best Original
Mark Laycock
VW T25 California
Marks T25 was in full California spec and looked like it could have rolled straight out of the factory – a lovely example!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer Best Custom
Sam Winterburn
VW Beetle
Sams beetle could fit right in to the VW scene from 20 years ago with a combination of radical and subtle modifications including a window conversion and de-seams.

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Interior
Fred Perrett
Fred’s van was all about the interior as he’d turned the whole back end into a fully-blown DJ booth!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Exterior
Chris Rogers
Chris’ T5 named Kermit had a full airbrush completed to the highest standard. You’d be forgiven for thinking some of the airbrushed holes were real!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Engine
Andi Riley
VW Transporter T5
The Best engine award went to the van with a transplant as Andi had installed full RS4 running gear into this T5 which is no mean feat. It goes well too as Andi picked up the fastets water-cooled van trophy in the RWYB competition too!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Beetle
Mark Pateman
VW Oval blue
Marks bug was in full resto-call spec and in pristine condition all round

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Other Air-cooled
Ian Baker
VW Type 3
The other air-cooled class caters for those vehicles that turn up in minorities but Ians flamed notch could have held its own against the rest of the competition in any category.

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Water-cooled
Giovanni Rapisarda
1981 Mk1 Golf GTi
Giovanni’s golf was a contender for the best original accolade but walked away with the best water-cooled instead after a full body restoration

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Split
Doug Hall
VW Splitscreen
The splitscreen buses represented a small portion of the show but the quality was second to none and Dougs bus earned him top honours as a fresh paintjob completed the whole package

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Bay
Dean Jones
This beautiful bay featured mad air ride with a bike lump of an engine out back and cool penny floor install inside!

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Best Late Van
Jason Williams
Jason was one of the first in the paddock and set cleaning up his awesome van & trailer combination. The attention to detail here with the paint and interior was second to none.

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer

Judges Choice 
Jody Clifford
VW K70
A K70 is so rare, we’re sure that there were people here who hadn’t seen one before – staff included. Not only was it present but it was in great nick.

Show n Shine spacer Show n Shine spacer Promotors Choice
Gary Wells
VW Late Bay Tin Top
Garys late bay was an out and out show car with all the right gimmicks including a fleet of choppers and speaker system out front.

And that’s your lot, Big Bang has officially come of age and is over for another year. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and we’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who brought a VW along, especially the clubs and those of you who get involved with both the on and off track competitions. Don’t forget that if you enjoyed this one then you’ll love Bug Jam on the 22nd-24th July as it runs for the 30th time! No sign of a mid-life crisis just yet, we’ll see you there!


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