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Drag Racing

The VWDRC was formed way back in 1988 on the back of the first annual Bug Jam and is still going strong. The club now has two classes, VW Pro for VWs running 12.99 or quicker and VW Sportsman for VWs running 13.00 or slower. Both classes operate on a 'dial-your-own index' basis allowing all cars, quick and not-so-quick, to compete on a level playing field, whilst still being able to run as quick as budget (and bottle) will allow. Drag Racing qualifications and eliminations take place on Sunday with qualifying sessions on Saturday evening as well.

Big Bang will also be a championship round for Outlaw Anglia, Sportsman ET, JDS Street, 8.50 Bike, 9.50 Bike and Junior Dragster.

Photo Entry List   Big Bang Photo Entry List
View photos of the VW Racers and other classes that have provisionally said they will be attending Big Bang on the Photo Entry List page.

Classes at Big Bang:

VW Sportsman spacer

VW Sportsman (ET Class)

Entry-level VW Drag Racing with dial-your-own-ET. Fastest ET permitted in this class is 12.99 seconds in the quarter mile. This cost-effective class is a competitive but inexpensive way to try real drag racing.

VW Pro spacer

VW Pro (ET Class)

Top-level VW Drag Racing with dial-your-own-ET for vehicles that run faster than 12.99 seconds in the quarter-mile. This is where you will see the wheels-up launches that make racing VWs so much fun to watch!

Outlaw Anglia spacer

Outlaw Anglia (Heads Up)

Heads up racing from the old-timer style Ford Anglias. Doorslammer cars that maintain the integrity of the original 1940s vehicles, but the 57mph top speed of the original has been smashed to pieces with the addition of modern drag racing technology.

Sportsman ET spacer

Sportsman ET (ET Class)

The entry level drag racing class for adults. You can bracket-race pretty much anything in this class provided it’s slower than 11.99 seconds. Along with VWDRC Sportsman, this is the most affordable drag racing you can have.

JDS Street spacer

Jap Drag Series Street (Heads Up)

Street-legal cars that retain their full monocoque chassis, all the hard work is done by the monster-power engines. The top cars run 8’s at 150mph.

Junior Dragster spacer

Lucas Oil Junior Dragster (ET Class)

The entry level class for under 17s, run over the 8th-mile with bracket racing. Mini dragsters with single cylinder engines that can reach 70+ mph.

8.50 Bike spacer

8.50 Bike (ET Class)

Motorcycle class limited by a 8.50 second index. Most bikes in this class are highly modified street bikes that use forced induction and a lengthened chassis.

9.50 Bike spacer

9.50 Bike (ET Class)

Motorcycle class limited by a 9.50 index. Most bikes in this class are lightly modified street bikes, and winning races requires great skill, not big money.

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Big Bang